St. Petersburg. 2007

St-Petersburg regional public organization
Wushu Federation
(Member of Taijiquan and Qigong Federation for Europe)

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.:+7 (812) 973 26 39

The International Internal Arts Festival.

The X International Internal Arts Festival will take place on the 10 - 11 of November 2007 in
St. Petersburg. The First Festival was held in October 1997, only 30 internal arts practitioners from
St. Petersburg and Moscow participated in it.
2007 marks the tenth annual festival, and more then 200 participants and guests are expected to come.

Internal arts cover many methods of personal improvement through cultural and spiritual traditions.
The festival presents mainly Chinese internal arts schools which were based on pre-16th century Taoism .
These schools practice soft Chinese martial arts: Taiji Quan, Baguazhang, Hsing I Quan and I Quan. The development of internal power and other internal qualities of human nature is the foundational principle in these schools. Qi Gong (methods of internal energy control) is also presented.

I. The aims and tasks of The Festival.
- popularization and development of traditional internal arts as health-improving methods, contemplation and
internal harmony discovery methods,
- strengthening friendly and creative connections between schools and clubs, practicing IA,
- schools and training systems creative development , as well as experience and information exchange in these fields.

II. When and where: 10 and 11 of November from 10-00 till 20-00,
Saint-Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, h.68, Outstanding Sportsmanship School

III. Leadership and Founders of the Festival:
Festivals Founder is StP RPO Wushu Federation. Currently an organizing Committee leads the Festival.

IV. Participants.
Famous Russian Taiji and Qigong schools and clubs from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia take part in the Festival.

IV. Festivals schedule.

November 9 , friday arrival of out-of-town guests and participants.

November 10th, (First day, Saturday ):
Seminars by head instructors from 10-00 till 20-00.
Evening program dinner for Festival participants and guests (optional)

November 11th (Second day, Sunday ):
Demonstrations of groups and instructors from 10-00 till 13-00
free time from 13-00 till 14-30
networking (Tuishu, consultations from instructors, answers for the questions)
from 14-30 till 19.30.

Organizing Committee of the Festival.
Tel: +7 (812) 973 26 39,
e-mail :

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