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29,30,31 of October 2004  St. Petersburg,  Winter Stadium. 

The 3d European Taijiquan& Internal Martial Arts Championships.


If you want to gain video records of competitions you can ask for them to a Representative of Organizing of the Championship 
The chairman of technical committee 
Andrey Serednyakov 
Mobile phone: +7 812 973 2639

The list of video information.

Film " The third European taijiquan Championship.  St-Petersburg 2004"
(it contains the most interesting moments of the Championship: Opening, Demonstrative appearance of Masters, appearances on forms and tuishou combats)
DVD/CD format

Technical records of the appearances on Taijiquan forms and others internal styles. The first day.
DVD/CD format. 

Technical records of tuishou (push-hands).(fixed step, restricted step, moving step). The second day
DVD/CD format. 

Technical records of final appearances on forms and tuishou finals. The third day.
DVD/CD format. 

We offer to your attention video records of The Third European Taijiquan Championship. You can book the interested disk on writing the next address We shall send you the detailed information about prices and way of delivery.