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Tao is forever and he that possess it, Though his body ceases, is not destroyed.
[DDJ I -16]

Serednyakov Andrey,
St-Petersburg (Russia).

1. Director of public organizations:
The Internal Arts Research Institute (IARI),
St-Petersburg`s Wushu Federation.
Member of Taiji-Qigong Federation of Europe,
Of World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association.
Wushu Duan wei: 5.
The formal student of 20 generation Chen Family Taijiquan

Direct lineage in Taiji-quan from Grand Master Chen Xiaowang.

2. Martial Arts experience Ц since 1978, instructor`s experience -since1980.

Chinese Wushu studied by masters Chjou I (Wushi Taiji-qigong, Belgium), Lu Shuhui (Chenshi Taijiquan, Shanghai), Teng Shihai (Yangshi Taijiquan, Taipei), Wen Lingji (Baguazhang, London), Chen Jie (Baguazhang, Shanghai), Lu Biyui (Mienchuan, Shanghai), Grandmaster Wang Xi`an (Chenshi Taijiquan, Chenjiagou).
Since 1998 studying with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

3. First place (golden medals) in

VI World Taiji Festival in Chenjiagou Ц 2000 (China) - forms,
I Traditional Wushu Championship of Russia 2001 Ц forms, Tuishou.
1-3 prises in St-PetersburgТs Championship in 1996-98 Ц forms, Tuishou.
1st Scandinavian Open Internal arts championships (Denmark,2003) - forms

II European Internal Arts Championship (Denmark, 18-20 October 2002) Ц
2 place in Tuishou.
III European Internal Arts Championship (Russia, 29-31 October 2004) Ц
2 place in forms

4. Seminars and permanent trainings:

Chinese Traditional:
Tao-ying (the internal art, special alchemical gymnastic)
Taiji-quan (unity of third treasures: spirit, energy and internal power),
Baguazhang ( 8 direction and 8 forces techniques, and energy of symbols),
HsingI-quan (power of intention).

Taoist alchemy (the Internal Art of energy and consciousness-changes).
Basic body structures (static and dynamic power).
Traditional forms
Traditional weapons.
Tuishou (traditional wrestling) Ц forms and free style.

5. Traditional†Chinese medicine and osteopathy. Diploma of †"d'Osteopathie Energetique methode Guiliani,† College de Medicine Traditionelle Chinoise S.F.E.R.E., Aix-en-Provence, France."

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